Write a simple sentence with a compound subject

Ross, Roy, Roger and Jeremy rowed the boat. I eat my dinner at exactly 6: Surprisingly, Paul does not drink beer or any kind of alcoholic beverages. Several people can take one action. The bus arrived late The festival was too crowded and rowdy for me.

How Do You Create Sentences With Compound Subjects or Predicates?

Your time limit has long been up. Change the verb with a compound predicate. The bear, the dog and the cat floated on the raft and jumped off when it came ashore. Can you lend me your ears? Step 3 Two people sharing an activity make for a good compound subject.

Anyone soccer team and anybody on the basketball team is eligible for the scholarship. She claimed her prize yesterday. He really wants to go ahead, but he is too scared of her wrath.

Simple Sentence Examples – Definition & Importance

Either all of us go or none of us go. The famous artist broke up with his girlfriend just recently. Compound Subjects Step 1 Describing two people doing one action requires a compound subject. I cannot sing high-pitched songs.

The job of a nurse is tiresome and stressful; nevertheless, my sister still found it very fulfilling. Both brother and sister play computer games after school.

Use a compound subject and compound predicate if two or more people take two or more actions. He is the best businessman in the corporate world; additionally, he is also active in the music scene. Neither the rugs downstairs nor the carpet upstairs has been vacuumed.

To keep your writing interesting, vary your sentence structure. Either the matches or the candles caused the fire. A night without stars feels sad and lonely.

Compound Subject Examples

Communicating in simple sentences can help you highlight the important points or hasten the pace of getting your thoughts get through the receiver of your message. With the help of these methods and given examples, we hope that you will already be able to compose your own compound sentences with more understanding of what it is about and more variety this time around.

Susie could study music or drama next year. Either you or your brother is going to be punished. Joe joined Jim in swimming. Our memories should stay in the past. Neither a tall man nor a short man lives in that house.Learn about the compound sentence, its definition, and its use.

Get tips and examples of how to write compound sentences correctly. Learn about the compound sentence, its definition, and its use. Get tips and examples of how to write compound sentences correctly. Another way to determine whether a sentence is simple or compound is to look. Add more color and depth to your writings with the help of these methods of writing compound sentences.


15 Sentences Using Compound Subjects and Compound Verbs

Advertising; An independent clause is a type of clause that can stand by itself and can sometimes be considered as a simple sentence since it has a subject and a verb that expresses a complete thought in a more direct manner.

Simple Sentence Examples – Definition & Importance. In order to write a simple sentence, the following should always be included. Must have a subject and a verb; A simple sentence could have compound subjects and compound verbs.

Examples: Jack and Jill went up the hill. You can make compound sentences, using a comma and conjunction or a semicolon (;), or sometimes you can make a simple sentence using a compound subject or.

The subject of a sentence is a person, place, thing or idea that is doing or being something. When a sentence has two or more subjects, it's call a compound subject.

Here are 15 sentences using compound subjects and 15 sentences using compound verbs along with a quick review of compound subjects and compound verbs.

English Composition 1

Defining a Compound Subject. The subject of a sentence is generally defined as the noun or pronoun engaging in the activity of the verb. By using compound subjects and compound verbs, they do.

Write a simple sentence with a compound subject
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