Vietnam war vs greasy lake war

So it is important to first be clear what Fire in the Lake is not. Yet it is easy to say America could have won. NVA forces attack as effectively as the ARVN but less effectively than the Americans, while the Vietcong must roll dice to determine whether they inflict any casualties at all, making VC attacks a chancy proposition.

Terror operations sabotage South Vietnamese resource collection, Bombardments reflecting mortar and rocket attacks inflicts casualties, and NVA regulars can infiltrate into the South depending on U.

Someone will win Fire in the Lake, just as one side won the Vietnam War. Up to four players take command of the U. Fire in the Lake is a political-military board game of the Vietnam War, Army, which fights the same kind of conventional war, only not as proficiently. Lines of Communication are rated for their economic value, which affects South Vietnamese and Vietcong resources.

The hard part is saying how America could have won. Fire in the Lake captures the differences between the different ways of war of the combatants by giving each of them a different menu of operations.

In other words, Washington can pour troops into Southeast Asia, but those troops actually subtract from American victory points until they are withdrawn. Provinces and cities have a population level, from zero for sparsely populated highland provinces to 12 for crowded Saigon. As a simulation of the Vietnam War specifically, Fire in the Lake is a mixed bag.

Instead, Fire in the Lake will teach them a fundamental truth: They slog on foot one province at a time, rather than flying or helicoptering across the map.

And so the North Vietnamese troops keep coming down the Trail, get bombed to smithereens, and come back yet again. More important, as a simulation of Vietnam, Fire in the Lake seems a bit generic at times. Like the real Vietnam War, the answer has many levels.

In other words, Saigon wins by being corrupt enough to divert American aid into graft, but not so much as to lose the war. They earn points based on the population of government-controlled provinces.

Each card is labeled with two events, with one usually favoring the U. A faction that opts to play a card has two choices: Fire in the Lake comes with small wooden tokens, representing U.

The first faction can play the card or pass, which gives the second faction the same option, and so on down the line. Until then, the U.

Vietnam War vs. Greasy Lake war in T.C. Boyle's short story

So how does Fire in the Lake rate? Airstrikes, the most powerful U. But the Communists have their own special capabilities to even the odds. However, each province and city also has a population status with five levels, ranging from extremely pro-government, to politically neutral, to extremely anti-government.

Assault operations kill two Communist pieces for each U. Each card also specifies the order in which the four sides -- called "factions" -- take their turn.

If one of the four factions has fulfilled its victory conditions, play ends and the players count their victory points.Fire in the Lake, a political-military board game of the Vietnam War, is the latest in the counterinsurgency series of games from publisher GMT.

Feb 19,  · If you are too young to know about the Vietnam war, (like me, I was born in `67), I highly recommend the book Fields of Fire by Jim Webb.

it is considered the best book on the Vietnam war experience by the average soldier in the bush and is on official reading lists and taught in the military today. Oct 07,  · Greasy Lake as an allegory for the Vietnam War? I am writing a paper on the short story, greasy lake. My topic is how this story is an allegory (characters or things in the story that are symbols for abstract ideas) for the battle of khe Resolved.

Greasy Lake” vs. “A&P” According to the dictionary, setting is defined as “the surroundings and environment of anything,” or “ the locale or period in which the action of a novel, play, film, and etc.”.

The Vietnam War vs. Iraq War Essay.

The war in Vietnam and the war in Iraq differ in many ways such as; the reason for war, US support, the cost, number of deaths, and the time and place. In this essay I am going to compare the Vietnam War with the war in Iraq describing three ways in which the war in Vietnam differs from the war in Iraq.

Vietnam War vs. Greasy Lake war in T.C. Boyle's short story "Greasy La The viewpoint of the world that the narrator has, completely alters as certain events take place throughout the story.

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His outlook on nature transforms into a wholly different standpoint as the story progresses.

Vietnam war vs greasy lake war
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