The social status of filipino children who watch cartoons

More From Our Site. You will not only get entertained by its main characters such as Agatom, Anatom, Palikpik, Kulitsap, Ugatpuno, Kuya Bok, and Ate Winnie; but you will also love learning and discovering more about Science.


Cartoons are different these days. Charlotte grew up without a mother. Epol Apple Bodjie Pascua, who plays the role of Luis, was one of the main characters of the show including the friendly horn bill, Porfirio. Did we miss something?

We cried with her and rooted for her to emerge triumphant and trample Miss Minchin.

Good or bad? Most Filipino children glued to teleseryes

Each episode features a Filipino short story that was creatively done and easy to understand by children. They get themselves in trouble and fight bandits together in every episode. Our childhood definitely rocked. This show inspires and promotes nationalism and patriotism to young viewers.

We were all Becky for Sarah, the ever supported best friend. Other characters of the show are Grace, Rap-rap, Otep, and Kenneth. Tom Taus was given the titular role. Wansapanataym Wansapanataym is an award-winning fantasy-drama anthology first aired in When I was a kid not yet attending school, watching TV was one of my favorite past-times and until now I still practice this habit.

Some may say I had a boring childhood because all I do is stay at home and watch TV. Nothing brings on the nostalgia as much as these cartoons. The storytelling segment is one of my favorites. Her life as an orphan sent to study in an elite private school had our eyes glued to the screen.

But we love Georgie and her courage.

12 Morning Cartoons That Defined Our 90s Childhood

Thanks to child-oriented educational TV shows because I enjoyed every moment of my childhood very much. Good news, you can still watch the Tagalized version on Youtube. Princess Sarah The princess among all cartoon princesses, Princess Sarah tells the story of a young girl studying in a boarding school when his father suddenly dies.Children in Armed Conflict, and (b) Sale of Children, Child Prostitution and Child Pornography.

The Philippine Government ratified the CRC in July and the two Optional Protocols in Most Filipino children watch television for close to 3 hours during weekdays, and 6 hours during weekends, the same study showed.

10 Favorite ’90s Philippine Educational TV Shows

Both are beyond the internationally-prescribed daily exposure to television which is only 1 to 2 hours. Tagalog Cartoons for children. Tagalog is spoken in the Philippines and is also know as Filipino. Cartoons are a great way to learn languages and enjoy them.

The animation industry in the Philippines is growing and many American cartoons have been translated. Social Class funny cartoons from CartoonStock directory - the world's largest on-line collection of cartoons and comics. Want to learn about Philippine history and our country’s heroes? Join Ana and Noli (the main characters of the program including Lola, of course) as they traveled back in time and learned about the life of Filipino heroes like Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, Marcelo Del Pilar, Melchora Aquino, etc.

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The social status of filipino children who watch cartoons
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