The question of whether gun control is necessary

From to20 million dissidents were rounded up and murdered. As a former mayor, however, I know that being able to react quickly and effectively without becoming one of the first targets of the shooter is difficult even for trained police officers. Supporting common-sense measures to restrict the easy availability to guns, like we saw here, and make our communities safer should be a political winner, not loser, in I know of no candidate, at any level, who was hurt by taking such a stand in the elections.

From to13 million Jews and others were rounded up and exterminated. There are many of us dedicated to fighting for common sense gun laws. First of all, how do you define an assault weapon as opposed to the semi-automatic that was apparently used at Virginia Tech?

Why do you think formerly pro-gun control members of your party, like Rudy Giuliani, are now backing away from that position? From to, Mayan Indians were rounded up and exterminated. Never have so many people participated in the killing of so many people. Before the ban expired, new clips holding more than 10 rounds were banned from sale.

A stronger, more extensive system of real background checks might have made a difference. Would those restrictions make us any safer?

10 Questions: What About Gun Control?

With this in mind, I will tread carefully toward illuminating the question posed by this article. Inthe Soviet Union established gun control. Most of the Presidential candidates have shown some level of support for sensible gun restrictions in the past.

Does Gun Control Lead to Genocide?

InChina established gun control. Toplansky Rational conversations about gun control are difficult to come by. InTurkey established gun control. What do you say to those who argue that Virginia Tech had already implemented several gun safety measures on campus-banning guns in classrooms and dorms-that apparently did nothing to help?

Thirty-two people die from gun homicides every day in this country. We need leaders to step forward to address the question of what we need to do to reduce gun violence. Indeed, the best testimony to the power of an armed populace is the vigor with which the Warsaw Pact dictatorships enforced gun control.

Kopel asserts that "the most important benefit of defensive arms is their deterrent power. Why should Democrats risk political defeat to argue for gun control? The Republican party that I grew up with in Fort Wayne, Indiana solidly supported "law and order" measures to keep our communities safer.

From to20 million political dissidents were rounded up and exterminated.

It means a weapon designed for use by soldiers in war to kill large numbers of people in a crowded setting as rapidly as possible: In East Germany, private gun ownership was outlawed, though selected members of agricultural collectives were allowed to possess hunting weapons while participating in government-organized collective hunts, under immediate government supervision.

And what have been the consequences of not renewing the ban? If Al Gore had been declared the winner in Florida, or done any number of things differently inno one would be talking about gun politics this way.

Republicans like Nixon, Ford, and Reagan were supporters of strong sensible gun laws. Contemporary scholars have little explored the preconditions of genocide. The question of genocide is one of manifest importance in the closing years of a century that has been extraordinary for the quality and quantity of its bloodshed.

From to1 million educated people were rounded up and exterminated. There are many strong leaders on this issue at the national, state, and local level, and there will be more in the days ahead, but most politicians are extremely risk-averse.InGermany established gun control. From to13 million Jews and others were rounded up and exterminated.

It is critical to note that gun control began with the liberal, democratic Weimar Republic. Lots of Republicans actually support gun control. standing gun-control question in the GSS is subtly aggressive. It essentially asks whether state approval for a gun is necessary — and.

Finally in recent discussions of gun control, a controversial issue has been whether controlling our firearms is or is not the right thing to do.

My own view is that having control over these firearms is the right thing to do. (More: Gun threats and self-defense gun use, Harvard Injury Control Research Center) Won't criminals kill with other weapons if they don't have guns?

The crux of this question is whether most homicides are planned, or whether killers more often confront their victims with no clear intention. So the importance of gun control to me is actually to keep from it actually occurring. Want to know how gun control has utterly failed Society?

Think about Sandy Hook, Aurora, Fort Hood, Columbine.

Obama: Gun Control Is Necessary ‘If You Care About the Safety of Our Police Officers’

Mar 19,  · Gun control: What Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to do next in New York New York would extend the background check waiting period to purchase a firearm from three days to 10 days. Check out this.

The question of whether gun control is necessary
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