The paper brigade

Their rationale was that the Germans would eventually lose the war and, though they themselves might not survive, the treasures would. If the Germans caught them, they would be executed.

Some were shipped off to concentration camps, where they perished. Others working in the forced labor unit, among them poets Avrom Sutzkever and Shmerke Kaczerginski, decided to save these rare materials in a different, more dangerous way: From there much of the material went to The paper brigade York; Sutzkever held on to some of it, which was later given to the National Library of Israel.

Every day they were taken from the ghetto to the YIVO building, where their job was to sort, catalog, and pack rare Jewish cultural treasures for shipment to Germany.

ORG You are here: From there, they accelerated to smuggling the works to safety. The fate of the materials hidden in the Vilna ghetto took a number of different twists.

Kaczerginski moved to Argentina, where he was tragically killed in a plane crash in These acts were extremely dangerous.

While the Nazis were plundering Jewish collections for their own use, they were also systematically destroying what remained. But they also found that much of what they had buried in the ghetto had survived. Peretz and many others. Under the most harrowing conditions, they saved numerous cultural treasures — first from the Nazis and then from the Soviets.

Others, notably Sutzkever and Kaczerginski, joined the partisans and fought the Nazis from the forests.

The Paper Brigade

A group of poets and scholars living under Nazi rule in the Vilna Ghetto did. It appropriated the rare collections of the Strashun Library and took over the entire YIVO building to use as a collecting point for rare Jewish cultural treasures. They retrieved what they could and founded a small Jewish museum, a spark of life in an otherwise decimated Jewish Vilna.

It became apparent to Sutzkever and Kaczerginski that the Soviets were not interested in supporting a Jewish museum. Many other repositories survived, and locals who had been given works to hide by Jewish residents quickly arrived to return them. Despite these changes, the YIVO collection remained intact, and was in some respects expanded by the inclusion of books whose owners were fleeing the war.

These treasures, mute survivors of the Holocaust, are what you see in this exhibition. Theirs is an incredible story of cultural resistance in the face of almost certain death. If the Jewish and Lithuanian police at the ghetto gate caught them, they might be beaten or arrested.

But they had a problem: Its mass grave is the paper mill". Many members were killed by the Nazis, but both Sutzkever and Kaczerginski managed to escape, hiding with the Jewish partisans.

Paper Brigade

A Nazi Division known as Einsatzstab Rosenberg arrived in Vilna in June armed with lists of libraries, museums, and other rare collections they intended on looting. Based in the Pohulanka district, YIVO maintained an extensive archive of Yiddish language works and other books relating to Jewish culture and history in its headquarters.

Paper Brigade

Initial results were mixed: Smuggling during wartime usually meant bringing in food for starving ghetto inmates or valuables for bribing guards. Johannes Pohl, a representative of the Einsatzstab Reichsleiter Rosenberg ERR —the Nazi organisation tasked with stealing or destroying Jewish cultural property—arrived in Vilna to examine the archives.

Fortunately, they had contacts among the Jewish police and, in spite of some close calls, managed to avoid getting caught. Risking their lives for rare books and manuscripts seemed crazy.

ERR orders stated that a maximum of 30 percent of works could be deemed of high quality and saved. Kalmanovitch understood that rare YIVO materials in which the Germans were not interested would be destroyed.Gunther Wheeler, fourteen, a city tough-guy from New York moves to a small town called Pleasant Valley.

Gunther isn't making very many friends in his new town. You are watching now the The Paper Brigade movie has Adventure Comedy Drama Genres and produced in USA with min runtime.

Brought to you by and directed by Blair Treu, Gunther Wheeler, fourteen, a city tough-guy from New York moves to a small town called Pleasant Valley. During WWII, a small group of Jewish scholars called “the paper brigade” waged a modern Maccabean revolt in an effort to preserve Yiddish literature.


The Paper Brigade

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Call ; Company Blog; Jobs; Investor Relations. Other articles where Paper Brigade is discussed: Avrom Sutzkever: a member of the “Paper Brigade,” a group of Jewish intellectuals chosen to select Jewish cultural artifacts to be sent to the Institute for the Investigation of the Jewish Question, founded by Nazi ideologist Alfred Rosenberg; the remainder was sold for pulp.

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The paper brigade
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