The characters of how my brother leon brought home a wife

Oh, the fragrance of her. He swallowed and brought up to his mouth more cud and the sound of his insides was like a drum. This short story won first prize in the Commonwealth Literary Contest in He did not say Maring.

At the bend of the camino real where the big duhat tree grew, he rattled the handle of his braided rattan whip against the spokes of the wheel. Now the shadows took fright and did not crowd so near. She looked down once at her high-heeled shoes, then she gave her left hand to my brother Leon, placed a foot on the hub of the wheel, and in one breath she had swung up into the cart.

I am glad they are not here. We met the twins, Urong and Celin, and I said "Hoy! When Labang slowed down, my brother Leon handed to me the rope. Except when his leg that was wounded in the Revolution is troubling him, Father is the mildest-tempered, gentlest man I know. But Labang was fairly dancing with impatience and it was all I could do to keep him from running away.

Baldo and his older brother Leon were waiting for their visitor riding a on a coach. Why do you follow the Wait instead of the camino real?

The sun was in our eyes, for it was dipping into the bright sea. He had laid the roll of tobacco on the windowsill once more. He narrates their journey to their home in Nagrebcan. As I passed through the kitchen, there were Mother and my sister Aurelia and Maria and it seemed to me they were crying, all of them.

The door opened and my brother Leon and Maria came in. And they shouted back and asked if my brother Leon and his wife were with me. All the laughter seemed to have gone out of her. I climbed into the cart over the wheel and Labang would have bolted, for he was always like that, but I kept a firm hold on his rope.

My brother Leon put down the two trunks on the grassy side of the road. Ahead, the elongated shadow of Labang bobbled up and down and swayed drunkenly from side to side, for the lantern rocked jerkily with the cart. Very low in the west, almost touching the ragged edge of the bank, was the star, the biggest and brightest in the sky.

I waited for my brother Leon to say something, but he was not saying anything. Labang is the bull, who is apet belonging to Leon.

I knelt on the straw inside the cart and pulled on the rope until Labang was merely shuffling along, then I made him turn around. He laid it carefully on the windowsill before speaking.

What is the introduction of the story How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife?

And my brother Leon shouted to them and then told me to make Labang run; their answers were lost in the noise of the wheels. And a small dimple appeared momently high on her right cheek. When he was quiet again, my brother Leon lifted the trunks into the cart, placing the smaller on top.

And again I saw her eyes on the long curving horns and the arm of my brother Leon around her shoulders. The light of the stars broke and scattered the darkness so that one could see far on every side, though indistinctly.

He was breathing hard, but I knew he was more thirsty than tired.

Then he was standing beside us, and she turned to him eagerly. And each time the wheels encountered a big rock, her voice would catch in her throat, but my brother Leon would sing on, until, laughing softly, she would join him again.ANALYSIS OF THE STORY HOW MY BROTHER LEON BROUGHT HOME A WIFE This might be my second read of How My Brother Leon Brought Home A Wife but this is definitely the first I’ve tried to digest the beauty of the prose as an experience in itself.

5/5(16). CHARACTERS Baldo ROLE CHARACTERISTICS The one who narrated the He is obedient, innocent, story and younger brother and naive boy. of Leon. Leon (Or Noel) The older brother of He was a responsible, Baldo who brought home gentle, and a loving a wife.

How My Brother Leon Brought Home A Wife Characters Setting The author associates the setting to the place where he spent much of his childhood in the province, He brings to life the language that appeals to the surrounding of a particular place and time and uses the sights and sounds of a particular.

Sep 07,  · Baldo and his older brother Leon were both waiting for their visitor riding a carratela. When Baldo sa his older brother's wife, who is Maria, he was amazed by her beauty as he narrates their journey to their home in Nagrebcan.

Characters: Leon/Noel - Maria's husband, older brother of Baldo; How My Brother Leon Brought Home A. How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife is a Philippine shortstory.

It was written by Manuel E. Arguilla, and details the storyof a man named Baldo, his brother Leon, and Leon 's new wife. How My Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife.

Bauang, III CHARACTERS Baldo was the one who narrated the story. He was the younger brother of Leon. He was an obedient, innocent and naive young boy. Leon was the one who brought home a wife. He was a responsible, gentle and a loving husband. Maria had been born and grew up in a big city.

The characters of how my brother leon brought home a wife
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