Podcast editing service

We follow a pretty straightforward process. Tweetable Quotes For Each EpisodeWe pull 2 high quality quotes out of the episode and create easy Click to Tweet buttons to include in your show notes. In order for a master CD to be suitable for mass replication it must conform to Red Book standards and meet the requirements of the replicator.

We absolutely can help you plan your launch, marketing, and outreach to get you there! We are podcasters ourselves, so we know how important a predictable publishing schedule is.


Here are some problems you may be familiar with that we can solve. He knows what he is doing. They deliver on time, do a great job cleaning up the audio, and they also provide me show notes which I can use.

The times of struggling with post-recording, expensive transcription and show notes services are over!

Podcast Service Packages

You will receive a completed episode and post along with a notification email at least 12 hours before your publishing time. Check out our Launch Package for more info. All of the coordination, posting, and show notes are handled by a separate staff of 5 that are expert writers and have a history in the radio industry.

You are doing awesome, and we love your work!!! Marcelo Lewin Podcast Engineers is currently editing our weekly podcasts so that we can concentrate on bringing more content to our user base. Audio MasteringWe fine-tune your audio to ensure you sound like a pro.

I gave him very loose directions, and he was able to deliver an exceptional edited interview. The Concierge package will cover 5 episodes per month.

We also help you with ease in sharing or uploading files if needed.

Who are we?

Can you help me too? He has great communication, understands how to set up Libsyn well, and does a great job in making the podcast sound professional. Written Show Notes With LinksWe write an engaging show notes post for your podcast episode including an optimized episode title, engaging paragraphs to introduce your episode content, enticing bullet points around your content topics and links to all tools, people and resources mentioned in the episode.

We also know how important great sounding audio and beautiful show notes are to your podcast. Because many people are still using a slow Internet connection, streaming audio to their PC requires a file to be encoded at the appropriate bit rate.

Your audience will be able to overlook a number of issues with your podcast — but poor audio is generally regarded as unforgivable. If you are unsure about what plan is the most suitable we can first discuss your project and requirements and suggest the perfect plan to suit your workflow and budget.

We focus on your message and how you could confidently relay it through editing the audio appropriately. Check his website and referrals - they speak for themselves.

He always goes the extra mile to make sure that your Podcast is running smoothly. This helps our clients get into a routine for their production and actually record episodes for multiple weeks ahead of their publishing aka batching.

We learned that podcasters are able to share their message effectively with this time allotment. We have been editing presentations and interviews for over 20 years.

Saving You Time Post recording stages of a podcast is what takes up the most of your time. We know how to create your master CD right the first time.

No matter where you are in your podcasting journey, we can help. This service is designed for people who want to harness the power of podcasting, without having to invest all their time in learning the ropes, then wading through each episode editing and writing up show notes each week.

If you are reading this and have questions about the quality and professionalism of their work, please contact me and Ill be happy to answer any questions. IF you already have some things together like a few episodes recorded, your artwork, any intros or outros you want, etc then the Podcast Setup Service outlined above is perfect for you.

We eliminate that stage for you completely. Voice Profiling Each voice and recording is unique. Taking care of background noise and unwanted sounds. Want a top quality, professional voiceover artist to introduce your podcast?

Which camp are you in? I highly recommend him to anyone looking to start their own podcast. I highly recommend working with him and his team!Podcast Editing Services. Put your podcast on autopilot and let a team of professionals handle all of the hard work.

We take care of all of the audio editing, show note writing, and transcription for your show so you can focus on creating great content. Podcast production services and podcast editing services to support artist and entrepreneurs to grow profitable, powerful and engaging organizations.

A Podcast editing service not only improves the quality of your podcast, but can also increase listener retention rate by over 25%. If you want to gain & retain listeners for your podcast we recommend you use a professional podcast editing service to help achieve & reach your podcasting goals.

Our podcast editing services are especially suited for today’s podcast productions, whether audio or video. We have been editing presentations and interviews for over 20 years.

When used in combination with our podcast production services, you won’t believe how easy it is to produce a professional and affordable podcast.

The Podcast Creative has podcast editing packages ranging from audio editing and mastering to packages that include show notes and transcriptions.


Prices for shows between 30 and 60 minutes are $/month for editing, $/month for editing plus show notes, and $ for editing. Audio Production for Podcasters. If you are looking for someone to provide audio post production for your podcast or voice over project, that is both affordable and professional, you need to be speaking to us.

Podcast editing service
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