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March 7, 3: July 26, 9: Just as they reached the door and would step out into the daylight, they heard something that made everything stop. Aveena grew up believing that Rumpel was her father, but what happens when the stranger arrives in Storybrooke and everything comes to lif Content Tags: His chest was covered in deep cuts, and severe burns.

October 23, Updated: That particular evening, I was flipping through channels, looking for something to put on as background noise while I wrote, when I happened upon an episode of Once Upon A Time, and it was just beginning.

At that moment, somewhere, a door slammed open and some people burst in. December 19, 8: First he loses his love, loses his hand, gets stuck on an island with a teenager sporting a god complex for centuries, then he finds a new love, loses her, wins her and loses her again. King George, the one who gave your parents so much trouble, is using this to get rid of his worst enemies.

David drove her to the hospital, where she waited sixteen hours without rest for Killian to come out of surgery.

Frozen heart (chapter one)- A Once Upon a Time (captain swan fanfiction)

Her Killian, her beautiful pirate October 6, Updated: It was too preoccupied with something else. October 31, She pushed against the gag with her tongue, pulling her lips back to attempt to push the offensive cloth out of her mouth as the screams tore at her soul.

So she just crawled over to him, grunting when she slumped against the wall beside him. I need to get back. We have to find a way out of here. He gets some of the best lines. It seemed to take forever to reach him as she crawled once again over the floor but finally she was beside him, reaching out a shaking hand to grip his arm and he jerked up, surprised by her touch and the look in his eyes made her stomach clench.

Her pirate, her love, her life. November 11, 1:An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Title: Sick Pirate. Author: Pinkcat Rating: G/K. Characters/Pairing: Emma/Hook. Description: Hook is sick.

Emma tends to him.

Killian is uncertain of her strange, non-magical ways. Humorous, fluff. Disclaimer: Written for fun. I do not own Once Upon a Time or the characters. Author’s note: Hook and Emma are a couple in this.

Original Captain Hook | Killian Jones/Emma Swan Child(ren) Summary After reuniting with her family in Storybrooke, Clare discovers that Michael's father is in town and now, the savior needs to find a balance between her past and present.

The hunks of the hit show Once Upon a Time torture each other with their smelly farts. Located: M through R > Once Upon A Time Mourning Neal's death and feeling she has no hope with Regina, Emma finally breaks and Hook is there to take advantage of the situation.

Rae Pan ➳ Once Upon A Time {AU}

He was a pirate after all, and was happy to plunder the booty, as Emma's demons made her addicted. Rae Pan Once Upon A Time {AU} Fanfiction ~If you haven't read Echo yet, then I suggest you read it, or you will not understand the plot.

~ ** "This is not funny, Peter!"Reviews:

Once upon a time fanfiction hook tortured
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