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From here, they ascended to the camp at 4,m, where the group spent a few days getting used to the altitude and inspecting the area.

My Home Among The Hills

Scotland Day 2 The A9 is a long long road. Jornet had already reached the summit on 22nd May but stomach cramps had prevented him from completing the route as planned.

I saw posts later on Strava and elsewhere of people who also showed more that I got in the queue and waited to be waved on.

After getting over the obstacle of the glacier I reached Bivac Eccles 4,m where I had to face the second stretch of this crossing that worried me the most: It was only then that I realised, in surprise, my record time.

We only stopped for a few moments and started the descent towards Mont Maudit. I made a wrong turn and had to ring and ask for help. I am very happy to have been able to share two weeks with Seb, Vivian and Emelie.

We had to climb up at some places and took out the rope for a small 10 metre rappel. That discrepancy continued throughout the rest of the race. We left Chamonix just 3h: I think there were around half runners and around 10k runners…there was good pre-race music and everyone was in pretty good spirits.

The crew were getting ready to tie up the boat ready for disembarkation. At Plaza de Mulas I stopped for twenty minutes. Today we are going to try to complete a route that will take us across the Mont Blanc range from east to west with skis, from Champex to Contamines.

There were all sorts of interesting people around! I left the hotel at 6: It turned out that he knew me better than I thought. Asheville is a hilly city and the dang finish was on an uphill.

Race strategy I knew Asheville was a hilly course so tried to visualize where I could grab some time to coast and where it was going to be tough.

Mont Blanc, as majestic as ever, was just waking up and, from the square, we could spot the headlamps of those who had spent the night at the mountain refuge and were now preparing to reach the summit.

These were moments of sweating and nerves as we retraced our steps. Next to it on the green was this lovely cottage This was a nice surprise to see, remember painting stones? I fell asleep in like 30 seconds…on a concrete bench…in the sun Miles [10] to [11] This was the real killer part…There were water stations around every 2 miles through the course on the odd numbers miles 3,5,7, etc but in this case, at mile 10 there was an extra station at the base of the hill.

Emelie Forsberg was present at departure and arrival in Horcones.

Camping the Ocean Road: Saigon to Nha Trang

My goal was to do it in under 10 hours but thanks to the good conditions I came across, I was able to descend faster than I had expected.

There was a lot of accumulated snow so we had to put on our skis in order to descend to the pass. Room with a view: I felt as if I was flying on the descent from the summit and in 2 hours and 19 minutes i reached my destination, Chamonix Church square, where I stopped the chronometer at 8 hours 42m 57s.

We are ascending well, within the estimated time. We are people No. There were numerous food tents, massage tables, etc and the atmosphere was festive and a lot of fun. It was a sort of narrow and windy road up through a neighborhood and had around feet of climb in that mile. We then started breaking trail along Mer de Glace and descended jumping over the large cracks until we reached Salle en Manger where we had to take off our skis in order to cross the large moraine of stones.

I then started to ascend towards the summit of Mont Blanc 4,mwhich I summitted in 2 hours and 47 minutes. In happiness, in silence, without shouting, without making a noise; but had reached the highest nevertheless, with the elegance and humility that had characterised his life.

As romantic and delicious as that may sound, the smell of lobster cages drying in the sun is not so appealing. Pitch your own tent anywhere on the grounds including under the thatched gazebosor swing yourself to sleep in a hammock, or lie out on the ground in a sleeping bag under a mosquito net: Post-race There is a cool park in the middle of Asheville called Pack Park and it seems to be where everything happens in the city.

By departing at 3pm, we avoided many of those who usually climb up in the morning, as there are roped sections where only one person can pass at a time.

The descent was also a multitude of emotions. He took the conventional 59,85km route with a total climb of 3,m. We prepared the challenge together and we all coordinated for the shoot.Another blog reader came to see me, making the journey from Sheffield with her partner. They bought one of my favourite pictures, The House on the Hill.

Being on the road full time, I’m often asked “Where are you from?”.

Life on the Open Road

Well, here’s your extended answer and what could be considered an open love letter to my home state back in Australia Tasmania may be sparsely populated, but it is rich in wildlife, wilderness reserves, and a strong sense. Official MapQuest website, find driving directions, maps, live traffic updates and road conditions.

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My Life Map helps people at any stage of life create a visual road map of both their past and their future in major life areas such as family, work, play, friends, and education. Charting the past highlights patterns you may not have. is the place to go to get the answers you need and to ask the questions you want.

Life After Money

The day we were there, they had lots of old military vehicles and enthusiasts dressed in authentic military uniforms.

My life road map
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