Mba 501 syllabus

Use OCW to guide your own life-long learning, or to teach others. The Dryden Press, Within the study of Operations Management there are a range of procedures and ancillary systems i. They include production and cost theory, market structure and pricing, and game theory and conducts microeconomic analysis, which deals with models of economic behavior of the consumer and the firm, and provides a basic understanding of firm and industry behavior that serves as a basis for business decision making.

Second-year Full-time MBA Core classes meet on a regular, twice-a-week schedule, similar to most elective classes. This survey course provides students Mba 501 syllabus a general overview of the fundamental concepts and theories related to economics.

The class is a combination of a traditional class and a workshop. The workshop aspect includes participation in a simulation in which teams of students craft an overall strategy and select tactics to build a successful, focused organization.

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Applied Quantitative Methods for Business This course introduces the various information and communications technologies. Second year core course registration is handled as part of elective registration; students receive specific instructions during the elective registration period for each quarter.

Students will research and practice using modern productivity applications.

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This course will explore example of these rules, how laws and regulations affect business, and areas that have emerged to cause legal issues in the business environment.

Conditional Acceptance into a graduate program To provide a basic knowledge of statistics methodology: Other aspects of "class participation" will be discussed on the first day of class.

Assignments Unless otherwise noted, problem sets must be submitted before the start of the class of the due date. This course presents an overview of operations management from manufacturing and service delivery perspectives and looks back at the origins of the function as well as reviewing current best practices including operations and sustainability.

Students will Mba 501 syllabus to apply theoretical concepts from an economic viewpoint against issues and challenges of today relating to economic principles and elements of business decision making from an economic viewpoint. Financial Accounting in an Economic Context. Students analyze performance data from the year before and make strategic decision designed to move their company towards success which requires them to look at an important issue through a management, marketing, financial and global lens.

Therefore, here are some supplementary texts: To encourage all to participate, contributions to the bulletin boards will be counted towards your class participation points. This does not mean you have to do individual assignments in isolation. Seeking and giving such assistance is encouraged.

The concepts and skills needed to manage effectively under constantly changing conditions are identified. Regrade Policy If you believe an error has been made in grading your homework or exam, you may request a regrade by doing the following: By this, we mean that the work you turn in must be your own, as opposed to copied from another.

South-Western College Publishers, Applied Quantitative Methods for Business This course compares where human resource management HRM is now and where it needs to be in the future based upon needed strategic competencies.

It also reviews the concepts of global expansion, political complications, legal compliance, and ethical behavior. Knowledge is your reward. Upon completion of the course, students should be able to utilize statistical data in decision making, apply regression analysis techniques, demonstrate the ability to perform hypothesis testing, and build statistical models using Excel spreadsheets.

Students will explore the internal process of global business expansion, and apply strategic paradigms to analyze, develop, and provide a comprehensive course of action.

Section assignments are made by the MBA Program Office prior to registration deadlines for the quarter.

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Find materials for this course in the pages linked along the left. Conditional Acceptance into a graduate program This course emphasizes fundamentals in understanding both micro and macroeconomics. Students will examine how information systems are used to solve problems and make better business decisions and apply these concepts to analyze business cases.

Completion of 10 MBA core courses or permission of college. This course introduces fundamental concepts of statistical measures and distributions and regression-correlation analysis. It includes the various challenges of operating in a global environment, including cultural, economic, operational, and legal aspects.

Before You Register Determine which student insurance option you prefer. Students will identify and apply strategic models to analyze business problems, formulate strategic solutions, and make sound decisions. Registration Instructions Please follow this link for instructions.Mba Syllabus ITM UNIVERSITY UPARWARA, NEW RAIPUR Syllabus for MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION EFFECTIVE FROM THE SESSION: Semester –I ITM UNIVERSITY, NEW RAIPUR Master of Business Administration Semester –I List of subject for Academic Session – New England College of Business specializes in accredited online business degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Invest In Tomorrow. MBA Strategic Leadership and Management 3 Credits.

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Prerequisite: Acceptance into the MBA or MHRM program or. Attendance: Attendance and participation in class discussions is a key ingredient to success in this course. The individual who misses class will not materially gain from the course and. MBAManagement Information Systems 2 7.

Unit Assessments: This course contains five Unit Assessments, one to be completed at the end of Units I, III, V, VII, and VIII. Assessments are composed of multiple.

MBA 680 – Corporate Financial Theory

MBAAdvanced Marketing Course Syllabus. MBAAdvanced Marketing 2 7. Unit Assignments and Course Project: Students are required to submit for grading an assignment in Units I-VII. These individual assignments will be compiled to make up a comprehensive marketing plan and submitted for.

P a g e | 1 Syllabus Last Updated 3/2/ Graduate Course Syllabus MBA Mathematics and Statistics for Business Center: Online Course Prerequisites None Course Description This is an applied course, which will provide students with the mathematical knowledge and skills that underlie many courses offered in the school of .

Mba 501 syllabus
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