Indian and the cupboard book report

Educational Value Kids will learn a little about Iroquois history and culture as well as the relationship between cowboys and Indians in the s, plus a bit about WWI.

Little Bear goes under the floor and manages to return the key to Omri just before he is nearly killed by the pet Indian and the cupboard book report.

While the still unconscious cowboy is being examined, Omri realizes it is time to return Little Bear and Boone to their respective time periods where they belong. The rat lunges, but is soon captured.

Visibly shaken from the incident, Omri suddenly runs into Patrick, who has a plastic cowboy on a horse to go with the Indian. Omri locks the dead Chieftain in the cupboard, making him plastic once more, before leaving the angry Little Bear to answer his dad calling him downstairs. It is actually the Indian figure who has magically come to life in human form.

Eventually, Omri reveals his secret to Patrick. Omri is frightened as he has never seen someone die. Due to a combination of guilt and wanting to prove his maturity, Omri volunteers to go buy the new set of blades on his own. After Omri gives Little Bear tools, sticks and some paper, Little Bear crafts a longhouse and eagerly talks of hunting and sharing stories with Omri over a fire, as he does with his own people.

When Omri retrieves the cupboard, he discovers that the key is gone. Frightened by his large acquaintance, the Indian pulls out a dagger and points it at Omri. Little Bear the Indian in the title explains that he is mourning his wife. She notices that Omri is upset, so she and Patrick take Omri home.

The next morning, Omri and Patrick say their goodbyes to their little friends before locking them back in the cupboard and sending them home. Little Bear watches in excitement as Omri brings the figure to life. As Omri leaves the hardware store, another slightly older kid knocks him into a wall and roughs him up, stealing the change Omri had left.

Positive Messages Little Bear helps Omri learn that friendship, responsibility, and sacrifice are part of being independent. Omri agrees not to bring her to life. Little Bear must go beneath the floorboards where a rat lives.

The film ends with Omri at school reading a journal entry where he assures everyone that although he will never know where or how Little Bear may be, he does not worry about him anymore.

Omri also learns that Little Bear has a deceased wife. He opens the cupboard to find the Indian alive once more.

Little Bear tells Omri to send the man back, but Omri is reluctant, worried that no one will find his body if he was alone when Omri summoned him.

Just as he is about to lock the figure in the cupboard, he and Patrick who is spending the night are puzzled to find the cupboard is missing. When Omri arrives home from school, he is upset to discover that the Indian has returned to its original toy form.

Little Bear is confused as to why a spirit would be frightened at the sight of death, coming to the realization that Omri really is a child. Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your inbox. Their cover is nearly blown when Patrick almost shows Boone and Little Bear now friends to some classmates, and he and Omri began arguing in the hallway.

Both Little Bear and Boone a cowboy explain to Omri that it is time for them to find wives and have children. Later that night, as Patrick sleeps, Omri goes to bring the female Indian to life, but Little Bear realizes what Omri is doing, and stops him.

Later that night, Omri and Patrick find the key jammed between two floor boards and accidentally push it down out of sight while trying to retrieve it.

Just before saying goodbye, Omri has a vision of a life-sized Little Bear telling him that when he returns to his own time, he will take Omri on as his nephew.

By accident, the cowboy Boone is shot in the chest with an arrow, though he later recovers.The birthday present that Omri got from his best friend, Patrick, didn’t seem all that interesting – at first. The small plastic Indian turned out to be very interesting.

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The Indian in the Cupboard

INTRODUCTION The Indian in the Cupboard This LitPlan has been designed to develop students' reading, writing, thinking, and language skills through exercises and activities related to The Indian in the Cupboard.

Parents need to know that The Indian in the Cupboard is a tender and compelling fantasy about friendship and compassion that tweens will thoroughly enjoy.

It does have some potentially upsetting moments: the 9-year-old boy grieves when he brings an aging figure to life who subsequently suffers a. The book did not really describe what time period it was supposed to be, but it seemed relatively modern.

The Return of the Indian

I think the book was set in a moderately sized town, because Omri walked to school everyday, and if it were a big city this would be an impossible task for a young boy. The Indian In The Cupboard Free Essay, Term Paper and Book Report The Indian In The Cupboard The Indian in the Cupboard For this month s book report I read a book called The Indian in the Cupboard by Lynne Reid Banks.

This book was about a boy named Omri and his small Indian toy. Full Book Notes and Study Guides. Sites like SparkNotes with a The Indian in the Cupboard study guide or cliff notes. Also includes sites with a short overview, synopsis, book report, or summary of Lynne Reid Banks’s The Indian in the Cupboard.

Indian and the cupboard book report
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