How to write a batch file to run multiple exe

Once it has been started, it cannot perform additional functions within that program. If the file path contains a space within a folder name, you need to enclose that folder name in double quotes. If you want some delay, consider using the pause command or sleep utility.

Again, to do this you can use the Start menu or Windows Explorer. Create the Batch File To make this work, we now need to take those two application paths and work them into a batch file. In some situations, some programs may support additional syntax or options that allow you to perform additional functions.

For example, the following command would start Notepad in most versions of Windows.

Using a batch file to run 2 commands in order

If you are looking for a language or tool to help perform more automation, we suggest Autohotkey. A batch file can only execute or start another program.

Email Advertisement Some PC applications just work together like two peas in a pod. However, having too many paired program groups like this can really cause some serious clutter on the desktop.

If you want to start multiple executable files, keep in mind that the batch file opens each of the files almost immediately. For example, if you had Google Chrome installed on your computer and wanted to start the Chrome browser through a batch file, you could use the command below.

Get Program Paths The next step is to collect the program paths of the applications that you are trying to launch.

If the desktop icon you want to use is already on the desktop, then good. Simply find the application, right-click on it, and select Properties. With the right tool, customizing the shortcuts within it is a breeze.

If not, find the application whose icon you want to use either through your Start menu or through Windows Explorerright-click on it, and select Desktop create shortcut from the Send to menu. Unlock the " Windows Keyboard Shortcuts " cheat sheet now!

Can I control a program using a batch file once its been started? Read More when two applications work alongside each other? This will sign you up to our newsletter Enter your Email Read our privacy policy That being said, is there really a need to have both shortcuts on your desktop 10 Best Shortcuts to Add to Your Right-Click Menu 10 Best Shortcuts to Add to Your Right-Click Menu The context menu that pops up whenever you perform a right-click can help you become more productive.

Enclosing the folder name in double quotes tells Windows the spaces are part of the folder name.

How to start an exe in a batch file

How to start an exe in a batch file Updated: EXE The start command can be used for other exe files by replacing the file path with the path to the exe file.We have explained how to write simple batch file How to Write a Simple Batch (BAT) File How to Write a Simple Batch (BAT) File Batch files can automate everyday computer tasks.

We'll show you how batch files work and teach you the basics. Using a batch file to run 2 commands in order. Hello, I want to create a batch file that runs 2 executable files but one command has to complete before running the other.

All I have is the locations of the two executable files.

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The CALL statement is only used to call another BAT file from an initial BAT file, not EXE files. For that we need Reviews: 5. I want to build the batch file which is able to files sequentially.

Run batch files sequentially. I was trying to apply above idea but I am not really sure how to apply it. For example, there are three file on the D:/ How to run files within file.

How to create a batch file that will run cmd and a exe with parameters. Ask Question. up vote 2 down vote favorite. How to create a batch file that do following: For example program name is will do the following: Run in cmd with arguments Batch file to open multiple cmd prompts.

7. How to run cmd with Admin privileges. Feb 28,  · How to Use a Batch File to Run Multiple Programs Published by not so gray matter 12 Apr Published by. not so gray matter. Batch Files - Start Multiple Programs at Once. Information. It doesn't matter where you saved file, unless you plan on writing in the shortcut parameters instead of right clicking and sending the shortcut.

how to run multiple batch files in serial, in windows command line environment. Ask Question. up vote 22 down vote favorite. when you just run a batch file from another one controll will not pass back to the calling one.

In order to run the files in one go, firstly you need to file and then add all of

How to write a batch file to run multiple exe
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