Essays on religion science and society

Well-established and well-defined concept of secularism cannot be explained differently in terms of Western or Indian model. The work presents his mature reflections on issues relating to ethics, education, politics, psychology, natural science and evolution, aesthetics, and philosophy of religion.

The first basic element of religion is the belief that there are supernatural powers. Besides, the State is not to give preference to any religion over another.

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Bigotry and fanaticism have led to persecution, inhuman treatment and misery in the past. It thus helps him to identify himself more with his fellows, and to distinguish himself more from members of other groups, communities or nations.

The things for which he strives are in some measure always denied to him.

Essay on Religion: Meaning, Nature , Role and other details (5931 Words)

Wilson argues that a rational world view is the energy of religion. Pastors, missionaries, educators, students, and others interested in the intersection of the Christian faith and culture, the intersection of Christianity and creation, and the intersection of special and general revelation should read this book.

It also inculcated the habit of charity among the people who opened many charitable institutions like hospitals, rest houses, temples to help the needy and the poor. He summarizes and synthesizes material well and communicates complex ideas with an economy of words.

It makes certain forms of social behaviour as offences not only against society but also against God. Subcribe Today Glenn R. Superstitions like evil spirits and ghosts cause diseases; poverty is the desire of the God etc. Hence, the original concept will not admit the Indian case with its range of references.

But this term is irrelevant in a democratic structure and it bears no application in reality because three principles are mentioned in the liberal-doctrine Liberty which requires that the State, permits the practice of any religion, equality which requires that State not to give preference to any religion and the principle of neutrality.

Thus, religion affects the creativity of man. It means that religious belief and practices have tended to decline. But they do not take the suggestion of those who are competent in the field.

Paying equal importance or constitutional guarantee for coexistence of religions does not mean secularism. The cow as a sacred symbol of the Hindus, for example, is a rallying point which gives cohesion to Hindu society.

Bavinck is fortunate to have translators so able to do him justice.

For thousands of years, religion has exerted a great influence over economic and political life. Acts defined as Sinful: Every religion claims its first principle supreme, original and eternal.Essays on Religion, Science, and Society, is the capstone of his distinguished career.

Essays on Religion, Science, and Society

These seminal essays offer a look at of Bavinck’s systematic theology as presented in his Reformed Dogmatics and engage enduring issues from a biblical and theological perspective.

The two have since diverged and people-- society-- have had to make a choice: will science, or religion, sate the innate curiosity borne by human beings. This is a question that haunted me for the first fifteen years of my life, a question I constantly pondered.

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Essays on religion, science, and society / Herman Bavinck ; John Bolt, general editor ; Harry Boonstra and Gerrit Sheeres, translators. p. cm.

Includes bibliographical references and indexes. !e Dutch Reformed Translation society was established in by people. Essays on Religion, Science, and Society is the capstone of his distinguished seminal essays offer an outworking of Bavinck's systematic theology as presented in his Reformed Dogmatics and engage perennial issues--still critical even today--from a biblically centered theological perspective.

Essays on religion science and society
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