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When you are deeply involved in music and when you have control of it, you can experience an excitement and a sense of well-being that is impossible to duplicate. In order to get more responses and comments from people to improve my skill in playing the guitar and my voice, during my spare time, I often recorded a song that I love and uploaded it to facebook and youtube.

Anybody can learn to bang out a few chords and have a good time playing some recreational guitar playing some sort of music that interests them.

There is also a growing industry of guitar books, videos, and web sites, that all purport to teach guitar, and range from excellent programs taught by skilled teachers to bizarre schemes made up and marketed by crackpots. Who takes formal lessons to ride a bike or a skateboard, or to make a good sandwich?

It would not hurt you to just listen to hundreds of recordings, and do whatever you can to expose yourself to the kinds of music that are out there before you do anything else.

They might sing and they might not.

Doing these two activities is the most enjoyable moment of my life. See and hear it done is in my mind a better thing that simply looking at it in a book. If you want to use the guitar to help you sing songs you already know and like, you are well-positioned to have some success.

I started being offered to play guitar at my church, at my relatives wedding and many other occasions. Experience after experience, responses and comments from other people are things that encourage me the most to continue to play my music.

Think of the folk process as being a holistic approach, where you assimilate the knowledge from books, people, recordings, radio, concerts, etc. He now lives in Southern Maine and is working on a very ambitious series of guitar books that are available from Amazon.

There is a staggering amount of bad, poorly presented and downright wrong information out there, and no police force whatoever to punish wrongdoers.

If you start by playing music, you are more likely to end up playing useful music than if you start out by doing musical exercises.

Please report any comments or posts violating these rules. If you have a direction in mind, this will help you decide what kind of instrument you need, and what approach to use. Personally, I think it is vital to have a model-- someone whose music and sound you want to emulate, as a good place to begin.

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Playing Music Is My Hobby

In a week period, I was able to play 1 simple song perfectly and I was so happy. It is very hard to do an organized, professional version of a non-academic approach, and that usually means working with a private teacher. The magic that is music comes from such a place inside us.

It is not something your mind does.

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Your neighbor might have an extra guitar that is just what you need, and maybe not. I have never seen anything in print that tried to describe how confusing the "I want to learn guitar" problem really is.As I look back on my experience of learning to play the guitar, I can recognize the stages that my guitar playing ability has moved through, though I was unaware of my progression at the time.3/5(2).

On Learning to Play Guitar. Harvey Reid has played and taught guitar for 40 years, was a former national Fingerpicking Guitar Champion, and has released 32 highly-acclaimed solo recordings of original, traditional, and contemporary acoustic music. In he wrote the first college textbook for folk guitar.

/r/Guitar. Welcome to r/guitar.A community devoted to the exchange of guitar related information and entertainment. Please take a moment to read the rules and check out the FAQ/Wiki before posting. Please remember we are a civil community. Guitar music is a place where the elements of rhythm, tone, emotions, harmony, melody, poetry, preparation, solitude, friendship, intellect, physical training and spirituality all meet.

It involves your spirit, your body, your heart and your mind, and it is both a solitary and a social act.


How to Play Guitar essays The guitar is a very complicated yet very fulfilling instrument. I was first intrigued by the guitar when I was sixteen years old. I don't know what it was about the guitar that I found intriguing, but I knew I wanted to play it and become very much involved in it.

Guitar Playing Techniques You can play your guitar during your leisure time at home as a hobby, to record in the studio, to perform in a quiet café, or to perform in front of a huge crowd.

To make that record worthy of being platinum, to make that soothing aura within the café, or to make that crowd uncontrollable and crazy partially depends.

Essay about playing guitar
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