Emirates case study

Most of its airplanes belong to the Airbus and Boeing brands. Emirates Airlines has strived to ensure that it implements a successful marketing mix, which it has achieved to a greater percentage.

However, this eats into the owners equity, which reduces the overall profits. The reputation and success of the brand rests on the type of people engaged with the firm. The airline strives to achieve customer satisfaction by addresses the different elements of the marketing Emirates case study in a consumer oriented manner; that is, its promotion, place, price, process, physical environment, people and products are all tailored to meet the expectations of its customers.

Expected products are those that the customers anticipate a firm to provide Goi, The physical environment must also be well maintained to ensure safety and comfort Miri, Moreover, most of those who attend these exhibitions act as secondary promotional tools Vrontis, Thus, a service industry should hire the right people so as to guarantee quality service to consumers.

It currently flies to over destinations spread throughout the six continents. Augmented products in comprises the fourth level of service firm products. This will also reduce traffic on the existing center Alkis, Lastly, emirates airlines promotes its services through exhibitions that attract tourism and hospitality learning institutions, resorts and hotels, tour operators and holiday financiers.

The airline depends mostly on its website and travel agents to supply information in potential markets. In addition, internal factors including pricing policy of the firm and external factors such as destination influence the pricing decisions Shikha, Process There are different processes involved in operating a service tourism industry.

The airline has invested so much in an effort to guarantee consumer satisfaction. The airline management may board other airlines just to recruit airhostesses, or it may only recruit employees from certain airlines especially the most successful ones.

The firm should only employ employees with the right qualification and desired characteristics as doing the contrary will leave the company with employees that only harm the reputation of the company Goi, This process is carried out through an online transaction system and is auctioned at anytime and from anywhere in the world provided the airline operates there.

The airline engages the services of an external company to recruit and employ technical staff including pilots and cabin crew. In addition, a more effective promotion should be multidirectional in that it presents a chance of communication between the company and consumers.

Therefore, the service delivery must be carried out in a stable formal setting; that is, an environment where the consumer will feel free to enjoy the service as opposed to a changing environment Vrontis, Analysis Target market Through its rebranding, the airline is targeting more youthful clients and those with previous flight experience that are seeking unfamiliar experiences; that is, those looking for lifestyle and adventure in flights.

The airline should also look into its physical environment in terms of in flight entertainment. Moreover, the website experiences a lot of delays due to the high number of persons using the service. Physical Environment This is the environment where the service company delivers its products, and where the consumers and the service industry interact; that is, the material part of the service, which is required in performing the service.

Key employees of emirates attend annual 14 days training in USA and Germany including pilots, but the cabin crew fund their own retraining and development. The company also does direct marketing through the internet and its own website where it allows people an opportunity to air their views and experiences of the company.

Customer service is the heart of the marketing mix. Get online help from a super custom writing service This paper analyses the marketing mix of emirates airlines and provides recommendations on how it can improve some of the aspects in the mix so as to meet the needs and expectations of the customers.

On this note, Emirates Airlines offers competitive salaries and benefits to its employees in an effort to retain and attract more skilled employees. The airline does not have an elaborate mechanism to ensure that it understands the needs of its customers as it depends entirely on the actions of the competitors to structure its services.

Moreover, most of its transactions are done online; hence, limited personal contacts with consumers. Emirates Airlines has the airplane as its main physical environment where the main aim of their interaction with customers is carried out. Product theory and application Emirates Airlines is purely a service industry providing its consumers with flight services to their preferred destinations.

Emirates Airline Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

However, the company depends on agents when it comes to ticket booking meaning that the company is not committed to providing this product.

Emirates Airlines depends mostly on employees of other airline companies where it entices them with superior terms of engagement relative to their present employers.Emirates is an airline company based in Dubai, UAE (United Arab Emirates) where is also its HUB.

On OctoberEmirates flew its first routes out of Dubai with just two aircraft, a Boeing and an Airbus Then as now, the aim of Emirates was. Emirates Airline Case Solution,Emirates Airline Case Analysis, Emirates Airline Case Study Solution, Introduction Emirates was established 25 years ago and grew to become the third largest global airline.

Inthe Dubai government establish. Introduction The case study involves a detailed analysis of the factors that shape up the organizational environment of Emirates, one of the world’s most reputed international airlines.

Emirates Airlines is owned by the government of Dubai, which is located in United Arab Emirates. Table of Contents Topic Page Report 05 Case Study of Emirates Airline 06 Task 1 06 Executive Summary 06 Emirates First Class. Emirates - Business Model Case Study 1. “Hello Tomorrow” Harshit Jhawar 77 MBA-IT DIV B 2.

With over destinations, Emirates is the only Airline to offer non-stop service to all six continents from a single hub. Case Study: Emirates Airline. Administration (FAA). VAET assesses both spoken aviation English and general English skills as specified by ICAO, in an authentic voice-only manner that simulates the radiotelephony communication used on the job.

Emirates Aviation College had used other traditional.

Emirates case study
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