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David Hume and Dr. As I have mentioned before, organ donation is a life saving operation; but, although opponents of organ donation know this, they have some opposite thoughts about this. The practice leads to exploitation of women, the poor and could be discriminative.

Similarly the tissues of cornea, bone, skin, tendons, cartilage and heart valves can be used for donation.

Unlike the opponents of organ donation, supporters of it have reasonable causes to support this. It is never possible to directly contact the other party if someone wishes to check on their health or recovery after surgery unless both sides wish to make contact.

Even a deceased person who is not on the donor registry of the country can donate with suitable authorization from spouse or close relative. Organ donation is the act of donating an organ by a person so that it can be transplanted by surgical procedure in the body of the recipient.

This is a computer database that matches organ donors and organ recipients around the clock. This is considered to be unethical The Living Bank, Most dead people had been sick for a while and therefore their organs were affected.

Government Information on Organ Donation and Transplantation: Age is not a constraint, which means that people aged 70 or 80 also can become successful donors. Whether you considered doing charity and other noble deeds in lifetime or not, but death is definitely an opportunity when you can contribute to humanity by the act of organ donation.

Also, those who have enough information about this issue know that these operations are made by experienced experts; so there is nothing to worry about. This had two disadvantages; A.

We need to advocate for the donation of more live organs to save the lives of people who suffer from organ failure Transition: One major hindrance to the organ donation system in America is this opt-in system. Then, arrangements are made through the transplant center that coordinated the transplant.

All civil rights groups should first support organ live organ donation realizing its benefits then work with legal and medical practitioners to counter the negative social results of the practice. Tissue can be donated within 24 hours of death.

Thus not every one in this world who needs transplantation is fortunate enough to receive an appropriate donor. Not just organs but tissues can also be donated.

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Ethical disputes in living donor kidney transplantation: American Journal of Transplantation, The number of people waiting for organ donation across the world is manifolds the number of organ donations that actually happen. If someone is in need of an organ, the first thing they should do is to work with their doctor to be placed on the national transplant list.

To enlighten my audience about the options for organ donation Thesis statement: According to the supporters, this is the second life chance for these people, also there a lot of people who die while they are waiting for donation. Living Donor Practices in the United States.

The Hidden Cost of Organ Sale. It is impossible for a transplant candidate to know how long they will wait on a matching organ. Any person above the age of 18 is eligible to become a donor irrespective of the background. Organ donation can save many lives and thus we must step forward for this noble job.

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Essay: Discuss the Organ Donation System in America

Most countries have an established organ donation association which is approved and legalized to collect the organs donated by people in that country.

There were not enough deceased people whose organs matched with organ recipients. Unfortunately, there is not a substantial movement towards that method of organ procurement in the United States.

People opposing live organ transplantation believe that; A.May 14,  · By making organ donation you can be a hope for sick people. Organ donation is not made if your organ is necessary for you or your decision does not affect the attitudes of doctors towards you. Also it is not against your faith and your body will not be cut into pieces.

This essay will demonstrate the government should regulate the sale of all parts of the human body regarding organ donation and selling tissues, as well as the rules that are problematic, result in of many different opinions of each person.

View Essay - Discussion ultimedescente.com from BIO 5BBM at La Trobe University. Tuesday, 26th April Discussion Essay Topic: Organ donation should be compulsory when you die.

Discuss. VU, Phuong Quynh. Organ Donation is a Must Essay - Organ Donation, a must. One of the greatest advancements in modern medicine is the ability to transplant organs and tissues from living and non-living individuals.

Currently there aremen, women, and children awaiting transplants in the United States (Emory, ). To start with, the organ donation system in America requires individuals to opt-in to participate.

Unless a person indicates their desire to donate their organs upon death, it may not happen.

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Even then, unless that person’s family also consents post-mortem, it still might not happen. (Transition: “Finally, the opposition to live organ donation”)\ IV. People opposing live organ transplantation believe that; A. The practice leads to exploitation of women, the poor and could be discriminative.


Pressure is mounted on mothers, sisters and wives to donate organs at the expense of their male siblings.

Discussion essay organ donation
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