Diffusion and the effect of amylase

Investigating the effect of amylase on a starchy foodstuff

Students must be responsible for rinsing their own equipment. In experiment 2 the amylase was added into different pH to determine the optimum pH range. Enzymes are biological catalysts Diffusion and the effect of amylase speed up the chemical reactions within cells.

These results lead me with doubt about how extreme temperatures affect the activity of Porcine Pancreatic Amylase? Discussion In the first experiment my hypothesis was that the amylase is going to work better. Add warm water to boiling tube outside the Visking tubing until it reaches about 2 cm higher than the level of the liquid inside the Visking tubing see diagram.

The student will perform various experiments with the enzyme amylase and will compile a list of facts concerning enzymes.

The two extreme pH values of pH 3 and pH 11 showed no amylase activity. In the third Diffusion and the effect of amylase of the experiment, students use glucose test strips to determine that glucose is NOT one of the end products.

Students are given the task of trying to determine what happens to starch in the presence of the enzyme amylase. An additional model could be used, with chicken wire or mesh, fruit or satsuma bags to represent the membrane, and poppet beads in chains to represent starch and singly to represent glucose.

As the environment grows warmer, the amylase is going to become more energetic and more effective. After ten minutes, we then used a 1-mL pipette to add 0.

It is wise to test, well in advance, the activity of stored enzymes at their usual working concentrations to check that substrates are broken down at an appropriate rate. Enzymes may degrade in storage, and this allows time to adjust concentrations or to obtain fresh stocks. Ethical issues There are no ethical issues associated with this protocol.

The activity of the amylase is going to be determined by the presence or absence of starch in the samples over time. This confirms the prediction that freezing the amylase is not going to stop it from functioning, but is not going to work quite as well.

A further complication is that the movement of chemicals is unseen and only inferred from the results of chemical tests. Health and safety checked, September Downloads. Investigating the Effect of Freezing and of Boiling on the Activity of Porcine Pancreatic Amylase Materials and Methods Amylase experiment 3 was made to see if boiling or freezing the amylase would have an effect on the enzyme.

This is done by removing a drop of the solution each minute and testing it for the presence of starch. In this lab, the student will observe the effect of the enzyme amylase on its substrate, starch.

You can use lower concentrations of this enzyme. Make this by fold dilution of 0. These may have been set up for you see diagram. Record your results in a suitable table. Porcine pancreatic amylase is???? The function of amylase is to break down big molecules of starch into small molecules like glucose; this process is called hydrolysis.

In this experiment, we first labeled the test tubes. Alpha amylase is bacterial amylase with high activity, and does not give a positive reducing sugar test or starch test.

Also the attraction of H or OH ions to the protein functional groups can alter the shape of the enzyme and thereby limit its activity. Each stick can be cut into two or three pieces. Finally, the student will test the solution for the presence of proteins to determine that the enzyme is still present when the reaction is complete.

Biology Taken From; Biology: Now the student must determine the end products of the reaction. I have used this lab in both my freshman biology I class as well as my AP biology class. It is appropriate for both standard and honors classes as well as for first or second year biology students.

There are essentially four mini-experiments in the lab that will lead the student to the appropriate conclusion. I predict that the amylase activity will work best at a pH 7. We placed them in water and allowed them to sit for at least ten minutes until it cooled down to room temperature.

If I boiled and froze some amylase solution, and try to digest starch with at it at room temperature, I predict the previously-boiled and frozen amylase will not work quite as well as amylase that has not been previously boiled and frozen.

Amylase is affected by environmental pH. This lab is designed for a typical high school biology class for students in grades 9 — The effects of concentration gradient on osmosis and diffusion Taylor Kirby Bio /Mrs. Eischen _____ Introduction _____ Diffusion is the transfer of molecules back and forth across a membrane, Osmosis is the act of water diffusion.

SER: Saliva- Radial Diffusion for Amylase Principle Amylase is an enzyme present in saliva at elevated levels and in other body fluids (such as semen, vaginal fluid, urine) at lower levels. How Can Diffusion Be Observed? Introduction: In this lab, you will observe the diffusion of a substance across a semipermeable membrane.

Iodine is a known indicator for starch. An indicator is a substance that changes color in the presence of the substance it indicates. Watch as your teacher demonstrates how iodine changes in the presence of. Bailey Cash Biology Starch/Amylase Experiment During the starch/amylase experiment the effects of enzyme digestion were simulated.

Amylase lab report

The main components of 50%(2). The purpose of this lab experiment is to investigate factors that can affect the porcine pancreatic amylase enzyme activity in different environments such as the temperature, pH and also how being stored in extreme temperatures can affect the activity of the amylase.

Purpose: In this lab, the student will observe the effect of the enzyme amylase on its substrate, starch. The student will perform various experiments with the enzyme amylase and will compile a list of facts concerning enzymes.

Diffusion and the effect of amylase
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